American actress and singer Selena Gomez announced on her Facebook page on February 11, 2012 that she is separating from her band The Scene for a while. Earlier the singer indicated that the year 2012 will be more about films than music for her.

This shows that the singer will now be giving her band mates the freedom to go out and do what they want while Selena walks in a different path of career. Gomez posted a picture to her instagram account writing about the Scene.

Gomez expressed how grateful she was to have worked with them and that the band has been with her since day one and cannot believe that it is actually over. Gomez added that she will miss all of them.

The singer posted on Facebook that her band and her are going to separate ways for while as this year is all going to be about films and acting, Gomez added that she wants her band to play music wherever and with whoever. The singer assured that she will be back with the band but it will take a while. The band and the singer have been together since 2009.

The band’s debut album ‘Kiss and Tell’ was released in the year 2009.'
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