Lynrd: American actress and singer Selena Gomez and the Scene after receiving a major response from their fans have announced the track listing of ‘When The Sun Goes Down’. The track listing was made official at the singer’s official website.


The singer wrote, ‘It is official. We are so excited to reveal the track listing of Selena’s highly anticipated album ‘When the Sun Goes Down’. After the announcement of the track listing, the fans of Selena and the Scene will be able to download ‘Bang Bang Bang’during the iTunes countdown, which will be starting next Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, Gomes will be releasing a new track of ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ to iTunes. The track ‘Bang Bang Bang’ will be the first one to be released on 7th June 2011.

All the Gomez fans will be able to hear the entire tracks of the album on 8th June 2011. Moreover, Selena Gomez and the Scene will be starting the summer tour on 10th June in Santa Monica in California. The track listing of ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ is given below .

1.‘Love You Like a Love Song’
2. ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’
3. ‘Who Says’
4. ‘We Own the Night’
5. ‘Hit the Lights’
6. ‘Whiplash’
7. ‘When the Sun Goes Down’
8. ‘My Dilemma’
9. ‘That’s More Like It’
10. ‘Outlaw’
11. ‘Middle of Nowhere’
12. ‘Dices’ (‘Who Says’ — Spanish Version)'
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