Lynrd: American actress and singer Selena Gomez has released the full video of her latest single ‘Love You Like A Love Song’. The singer has made sure that she has presented the video with vibrant colors, costume changes and some much-needed fresh images.


Gomez in the video can be seen in different roles through the video. The singer can be seen sporting different high fashioned looks, which also includes the 80s look.

Initially, the singer can be seen taking the stage as a club singer and rocks the small crowd in front of whom she performs. While she performs, there is a TV screen behind her which shows her images as some oneelse who narrates her story.

In the video, Gomez has tried her best to look tomboyish. Maybe she has taken some lessons from her sweetheart Justin Bieber. The singer is sporting a white suit and a tie along with shades, which bears a striking resemblance to an outfit worn by ‘Baby’ singer Bieber. The video then shows the singer in a futuristic kind of place, where she is seen riding shotgun along with some Asian looking characters.

Overall, the video is all about Gomez and her numerous looks in the video where she has sported numerous hats and wigs. What’s your take on Selena’s new video ‘Love you like a love song’?'
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