Lynrd: American actress and singer Selena Gomez recently announced the ‘Make Your Jam’ contest on This is a chance where the fans would get an opportunity to meet their favorite singer and watch her live in concert.


The fans have to make their own video by visiting with the help of pictures from the singer’s new album ‘When The Sun Goes Down’. The participants can layer the photographs, so that they pop up in the video.

The fans can even add different colored text to make the video pop up. After the video has been created, then it will be shared and saved online with the other users online.

The users will now get a chance to vote on them. The videos that get the majority of votes will be then judged by a panel of judges from where the winners will be selected. The winner of the contest will get the golden chance to meet the cute 18-year-old singer backstage and will also receive two tickets to the Selena Gomez and the Scene concert. However, if the grand price is not won then there are also chances to get a personally autographed poster and an audio CD to 25 fans.

The contest ends on 31st July 2011.'
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