American actress and singer Selena Gomez has recently released her single ‘My Dilemma’ from the upcoming album of the Selena Gomez and the Scene ‘When the Sun Goes Down’. The song begs to be a bit different from the regular Selena Gomez songs.


The track sounds more like a sexy Britney Spears track, which has a sensuous touch to it. ‘My Dilemma’ is a track which would make your feet tap. Certain parts of the song are studio treated and some of the beats sound a little synthetic.

The chorus of the song goes like ‘ I known what I know. And I know your’re no good for me. I know what I know. And I know its not meant to be. Here’s my dilemma. One half of me wants ya. The other half of me. Wants to forget it.’

The track is thus an old dilemma, where one gets stuck in the mind game of to be or not to be. Gomez in the song has conveyed the idea where one gets desperate to run to safety, but cannot help as they are too much attracted to the thrill of the situation. The song ends when Gomez sings ‘its you, its you ,its you’ .'
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