Lynrd: Jamaican-American singer and rapper Shaggy has released his latest mini album, ‘Summer in Kingston’. The mini album has eight songs and the first single of the album is ‘Sugarcane’ of which the rapper has released a video.


The video of the track is actually a postcard which has a Jamaican feel with palm trees, sunny beaches and a beautiful ocean. As usual, the singer in the video is a lover man, who becomes a tour guide for a beautiful girl on the island.

The new video has showed the girl in the video, who is so impressed with the island that she decoded to leave all the riches as well as her rich lifestyle and be with Shaggy, while he sings, ‘ No Bright lights, No Fame, No caviar or champagne, she wanna be a plain old Jane, she likes the taste of my sugarcane.’

To add a tinge of entertainment, the singer has also added a piece of drama to the video, when the mother of the girl lands in Jamaica to take her away from the lover boy. The video of the track is a good entertainer and perfect for the summer feel that can be enjoyed by all.'
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