Lynrd: After the release of the track Rabiosa by Colombian singer Shakira, the singer has announced a remix contest for the track. Shakira is now encouraging her fans to enter the ‘Rabiosa’ remix contest, and the winner of which will would get a chance to feature his/her version of the remix across the Colombian stars’ websites.

Rabiosa Shakira song

The participants will have access to the Spanish as well as the English version of the track. The fans have to use the best of their creativity and remix the track in a unique stlye. The remixed track has to be then uploaded to the singer’s contest website and the users are also expected to share the creation on Facebook.

The winner of the contest will be determined by the social network – the participant who will get the most ‘Likes’ would win the contest. Apart from global recognition, the winner of the contest will also win a Sony Full HD Memory Card Camcorder, a free premium SoundCloud account and an autographed ‘Sale EI SoI’ CD.

Four runners-up would win an autographed copy of Shakira’s latest album and a free premium SoundCloud Account. The last date for the submission of entries is 13th July.

‘Rabiosa’ was released in the month of April, while the video of the track was released in May.'
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