Lynrd: Popular Columbian singer and song writer, Shakira has released the video of her track ‘Rabiosa’. The singer in the video is seen in her sultry best while she parties in a club and does a sexy pole dance.


The track though is a collaboration with Pittbull, does not feature the singer in the video. The video starts with Shakira, while she enters at the sexy dance party in a night club.

The whole video has a party feel and is filled with colors and showers of confetti. Shakira in the video is seen while she leads the camera in to the various festivities of the song.

The singer in the video is seen in a green mini dress with a short and bobbed hair do. As the singer is an expert in dancing, Shakira can be seen doing salsa along with a male partner in the video. Shakira in the video then goes along with the crowd and is then seen getting naughty in a bath tub, while she sings the sexy lyrics. The singer is also seen in a black bikini while she gets naughty on the stripper pole. The singer’s pole dance in the video is the best moment in the video.

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