Singer P!nk Announces Second Pregnancy In The Most Adorable Way

While the rest of America is making war, singer P!nk has been making love. The True Love singer announced on her Twitter about her second pregnancy, and she seems to be well on her way because that belly has popped.

Posing with her little daughter, she tagged the photograph simply with “Suprise!” Wearing a white sundress, she looked beautiful as the sun sets (or rises?) in the background. Such a beautiful vision she looked. This will be her second child after 5-year-old daughter, Willow Sage. This is a late pregnancy for the star, who at the age of 37 is starting over again with husband, Carey Hart. She had famously proposed to the former Motocross star, by putting up a sign “Will You Marry Me?” and after he continued the race, put up another one saying “I’m Serious!” They married in 2006.

P!nk has spoken about her wanting to start and have a family, after her own troubled childhood and early adult life problems: “I love being a mama. I made a choice a long time ago that I was going to have a successful family and that is my absolute number one goal in life.”


P!nk, Carey Hart and Willow Sage at the premiere of Alice: Through The Looking Glass

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After the birth of her first child, she was also quoted as saying: “I have a lived a lot of life in a very short time, and you get hardened a little bit – you get jaded, you build up walls. And when you see this little kid, and you get to watch them through infancy to toddler to little person, it’s amazing. You see how you were. When you watch this bundle of love and light that’s untarnished and untainted by heartache, and any of the numerous things that change you, it’s very healing. It’s a miracle.” The singer is known to take her family on tour with her when she travels around the country, mostly because she can’t stand being without them.

P!nk was at the top of the charts this year with her Number One single for the movie Alice: Through The Looking Glass. You can listen and buy her single Just Like Fire.

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