Looking at the album art of Skylar Grey’s latest effort, one might think that she is someone who is messed up. Grey, in the album art can be seen in a bra, with tattoos all over her body. She is also wearing a see through slip and heels, while she stands by the side of a dryer and washer.


The ‘Invisible’ singer, on the cover, is also seen possessing an axe smeared with blood. However, on the contrary, the cover art does not match with the fun and carefree vibe of her first single ‘C’mon Let Me Ride’. So it will be definitely interesting to see how all this is going to fit in with her album.

Grey had earlier released an album in the year 2006, which was titled ‘Like Blood Like Honey’, under the name Holly Brook. The singer also penned Eminem and Rihanna’s song ‘Love The Way You Lie’ and is surely making full use of her friends, who are in high places.

‘C’Mon Let Me Ride’ features Eminem and it seems like he is very involved in the project. The singer said that Eminem’s increased involvement has been a blessing and that getting guidance from such an artist means a lot to her.

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