Sleigh Bells, Jessica Rabbit- Album Review

Sleigh Bells’ fourth record is a hodgepodge of clashing sounds and concepts that’s united only by its indiscriminate maximalism

Songs by Sleigh Bells have always been defined to have created their own genre of music. The dystopian euphoria and weird sounds that grace the witty and genius executed sounds are the trade mark of the artist. The noise pop duo since their release of the debut Treat has brought together an assortment of sound to a particular mastery. Krauss and instrumentalist cum-producer Derek Miller are at it again with Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit

This is their fourth studio release from their particular label. Sleigh Bells was established from a duo that barely knew each other apart from the roles they played in creating “dead baby doll.” However, a partnership has come out with its recent child; Jessica Rabbit. This follows a six years of working together. The album is a representation of Miller and Krauss equal contribution that goes beyond the Zombie cheerleader sounds from their previous work Treats. It is also different from the Reign of Terror. Krauss exercises his vocals more in the album.


Sleigh Bells, Jessica Rabbit Cover. Courtesy Sleigh Bells.

The tracks

Working with popular renowned Hip Hop producer Mile Elizondo who has been parts of songs by Jay-Z, Fiona Apple, and Busta Rhymes, the sounds are expected to be different. The album should feature more of Krauss voice above instruments. While may describe the song as a bold experiment, it has the potential of unleashing something different from the duo. The sounds plod and meander to characterize the Sleigh Bells overall pursuit in music. The tempo is also shifty with “It is Just Us Now” coming out as belabored.

Essential Tracks: “I Can’t Stand You Anymore”, “Crucible”, and “Hyper Dark”

The track “Crucible” brings out the banging sound that is typical of the duo. The tempo changes at various points in the sound. The spooky “Hyper Dark” cannot be left behind in this review because of the siren vocals that are experimented to the full effect.

You can hear them right here, courtesy NPR Music

Jessica Rabbit is what many analyst would consider the album where the duo has learnt to work together and give music in their true element. Everything is right and ready to identify the ideal sound of the band. It is a step in the right direction.

Listen to the full album here, courtesy, NPR Music

Sleigh Bells’ new album, Jessica Rabbit, comes out on Friday Nov. 11, 2016

You can pre-order the album on iTunes and Amazon.

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