The most popular little British stars Sophia Grace and Rosie recently debuted their new rap song on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Not many are aware of the rapping skills of the little angels.

The little ladies are also known for their cover of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ and are also capable enough to rock the original track. The girls are so perfect that they cannot be even called ‘divas in the training’ and are already full-fledged divas.

Sophia and Rosie also had their choreographed moves while Grace took it to the next level. Grace was seen shaking her little ballerina skirt so as to add some more flair to her performance.

One can say that the girls are like mini Minajs and Rosie does wonderfully well as a side kick. In the pairing, Rosie might take a more passive role but is indeed equally adorable as her partner Grace. The dancing and the singing work well but what works the best is the cute accent which manages to melt the heart of the audience. On the show, the little girls were gifted with a set of pink luggage so that they can use it on their way back to England.'
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