Soundwave 2016 Has Been Cancelled

Probably Australia’s biggest rock and metal festival, Soundwave will sadly not be organized for the coming year of 2016. The 3 day, 3 city mega fest has been popular among concert-goers and metalheads alike for 12 years, but it seems that the show will NOT go on.

Officially tweeting the bad news, promotor AJ Maddah said: “I am devastated to have to announce the cancellation of Soundwave 2016 due to poor ticket sales. I am very sorry. I tried my best. Thank you to all the fans, bands and people who supported the event for the last 12 years. I wish we could have ended it on a better note.”

Also, there seems to be a blame-game going on with the “buck” being passed around between AJ Maddah ticket retailer, Eventopia. Earlier, fans (who paid $185 or £90 per ticket) were guided to approach the retailers for a refund, but Eventopia denied that they were responsible for the said “poor ticket sales” and advised that refunds be collected from Maddah. Also, they blamed the promoter for the loss in interest for the event, claiming that he was callous and should take responsibility.

In an official statement to ABC, Eventopia, the ticker retailers said, “To ensure fans are not disadvantaged, Eventopia has sent an email this afternoon to all customers inviting them to apply for a full refund of their Soundwave 2016 ticket prior to January 31 2016.

“We are shocked by what we consider to be financial mismanagement on the part of the promoter (AJ Maddah) which has led to this outcome.

“Eventopia is actively pursuing every possible legal avenue against Hounds Of Hell Pty Limited and its director, AJ Maddah, to recover the ticket sales monies that were advanced to Hounds Of Hell Pty Ltd.”

2016’s lineup were supposed to be metal greats like Disturbed, Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage, Deftones and Public Enemy among others.

In the meanwhile, AJ Maddah is vehemently denying that irresponsibility was on his part, and says that he even worked hard to get Rage Against The Machine to regroup for the event.

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