The Spice Girls Have Recorded A New Single!

We just went through the nostalgia of all nostalgias – celebrating the 20th anniversary since the Spice Girls released their first hit single, “Wannabe”. Though the upgraded version featured women’s rights lyrics, we still remember that gaudy video of the British pop group’s award winning song, the one that topped the music charts of the 90s. The other day, 3 of the former 5 members – Melanie Brown (Scary Spice), Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) teased a video, talking of a Spice Girls party, complete with party hats and happy faces. Conspicuous by their absence, however, were their other two former mates – Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) and Melanie Chisholm (Sporty Spice).

Spice Girls

The glorious 90s that were splashed with British pop group, Spice Girls

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If that wasn’t fantastical enough, we now learn that Spice Girls 2.0, aka, GEM (acronym for Geri-Emma-Melanie) have actually recorded a brand-new single. This is sure going to tickle fans. The title of the track is apparently “Song For Her”, with part of the lyrics going as: “Wipe up your tears of doubt you have been crying / Lift up your dreams, feel like you’re flying / Never forget the girl is the woman you are”. Sounds like a typical SG song, right? It was, in fact, penned by a seasoned songwriter for Britain’s most successful girl pop band, Eliot Kennedy. He has previously worked with them on Say You’ll Be There.

Spice Girls Reunion

Spice Girls – timeless, effortless glam, talent and chutzpah

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Since the Spice Girls split in 2000, only to reunite again briefly for their single, “Headlines”. They enjoyed immense commercial success in their country, England, as well as around the world. Their work extended beyond just music – merchandise, spin-offs and of course, a movie about their time in the limelight. Each of the Spice Girls have enjoyed success individually. Among them, Victoria Beckham is the biggest winner, hands down. Melanie Brown is a known face as a judge on the X Factor. Emma Bunton also did pretty well for herself, appearing briefly in movies and on television and seems to be enjoying life away from the spotlight. Geri Halliwell spawned her own hit in the remake of “It’s Raining Men” in the early 2000s. And last but not the least, Melanie Chisholm has done it all – acting, theatre, singing and judging.

This is a fantastic time for the Spice Girls to make a much welcome comeback. Any day, they rival the struggling girl bands who still try to emulate the glitter, glam and talent that they did long ago when we were young.

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