The theme from ‘Star Wars’ – an epic movie franchise created by George Lucas – has topped the favorite movie soundtrack list in the UK. The ‘Star Wars Theme’ – composed and conducted by the legendary John Williams – received almost a quarter of the total votes and reached the number one spot of a list that encompasses 64 years of movie soundtrack history.

Star Wars theme tops favorite movie soundtrack list in UK

The BBC said, “Williams’ soundtrack remains to this day the highest-grossing orchestral film music recording of all time and secured him his third Academy Award in 1977.” The theme for ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’, composed by Ennio Morricone came in second, while Leonard Bernstein’s theme for ‘West Side Story’ ranked third.

Bernard Herrmann’s score for ‘Vertigo’ claimed the number five spot, however, his soundtrack for Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece ‘Psycho’ did not make it to the top ten. When it comes to more recent movies, Hans Zimmer’s score for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ reached the seventh spot and the soundtrack for ‘Django Unchained’ claimed the number 12 spot. The final list of soundtracks that moviegoers could vote on was put together by a group of movie music experts.

Here are the top 20 movie soundtracks:

1. “Star Wars” (John Williams)
2. “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (Ennio Morricone)
3. “West Side Story” (Leonard Bernstein)
4. “Lawrence Of Arabia Main Theme” (Maurice Jarre)
5. “Vertigo” (Bernard Herrmann)
6. “The Third Man” (Anton Karas)
7. “Dark Knight Rises Suite” (Hans Zimmer)
8. “Grease” (various)
9. “Sound Of Music” (Richard Rodgers/Oscar Hammerstein II)
10. “Apocalypse Now” (Wagner)
11. “Psycho” (Bernard Herrmann)
12. “Django Unchained” (Bacalov/Morricone)
13. “Mary Poppins” (Sherman brothers)
14. “Billy Elliot” (Swan Lake music, Tchaikovsky)
15. “The Wizard Of Oz” (Harold Arlen, EY Harburg, Herbert Stothart)
16. “There Will Be Blood” (Jonny Greenwood)
17. “Planet Of The Apes” (Jerry Goldsmith)
18. “8 ½ ‘Otto e Mezzo’” (Nino Rota)
19. “Sholay” (RD Burman)
20. “Bombay” (AR Rahman)

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