Stephen Hawking to feature in Pink Floyd’s The Endless River

Pink Floyd’s last album The Endless River will have a snippet of physicist Stephen Hawking’s voice.

The makers of Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd – have officially announced the release of their first LP in 20 years, which will also sadly be their last album – The Endless River. The iconic progressive-rock band made this announcement on BBC 6 on October 9, 2014. 

Stephen Hawking to feature in Pink Floyd

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World renowned physicist and author of A brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking will feature in a track called Talkin’ Hawkin’, the band has however confirmed that the track will not be a sequel to their 1994 track Keep TalkingThe Division Bell album – which also had a brief clip of Hawking’s voice from the same British telecom commercial.

Keep Talking was a No.1 on the Billboard’s Album Rock Tracks chart after its release in 1994.

Hawking lending his computerised voicebox to a Pink Floyd album doesn’t come as a surprise as the 72-year-old genuis has previously attended a live concert of the band.

Band member David Gilmour said that he originally wanted to use Hawking voice after her heard the advert in 1994 and it “nearly made him weep.”

Apart from Hawking, The Endless River consists of 12 tracks and is due for release on November 10, 2014. A lot of the tracks that have been co-written by the late band member Richard Wright, were procured from previously recorded sessions in 1993.

To the disappointment of many, ex- member Roger Waters kept to his promise that he made in a Facebook post on September 30, 2014 which stated that he will clearly not featured in the album.  “I left Pink Floyd in 1985 … This is not rocket science people, get a grip,” wrote Waters in the post. 

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