Lynrd: American singer and songwriter Steven Tyler showed off his latest video ‘Feels so Good’ today on American Idol. The premier of the video came after Jennifer Lopez set the stage on fire with her song ‘On The Floor’.


The video features several sexy girls, a monkey, an elephant – as Steven likes them all. No Steven Tyler video is complete without the unusual species. Some of the usual features of the video included a hippie girl and a scarf wrapped around the microphone.

Apart from these, viewers can see many stunning girls dancing and swaying to the song. In the track, Tyler has sounded unique and in a way that he has never sounded before. The video has shown Tyler in a new role of a pop arbiter, which is quite unlike the rocker image he shows off.

After being in Aerosmith for a long time, the track has been penned down by the singer himself. When it comes to the visuals, Tyler will be seen playing the bongos on a hot chic’s back, then there are some melting roses, plants, and disco balls.

Tyler appeared first on American Idol in January 2011 at the premier of the tenth season. The release of ‘Feels So Good’ was also accompanied by his autobiography ‘Does The Noise in My Head Bother You?’, on the 10th of May 2011.'
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