Suicide Silence Dismiss Dismal Sales Figures For Latest Album

It’s been quite a wild ride for Suicide Silence. They took a risk when releasing their latest self-titled album to fans who are used to them belting out some insane stuff. For one, they’ve used clean vocals for most of their tracks.

Instead of supporting them, fans have altogether abandoned the band, making them begin to defend themselves for the artistic direction they have taken. In the first week of sales for their fourth studio album, the numbers have dropped drastically by 69% as compared to their predecessor, You Can’t Stop Me that was released way back in 2014.

And frontman Eddie Hermida is here to set the record straight. He says he has no regrets for going clean, and is proud of the work Suicide Silence has put out. According to Metal Injection, “This is the record that we were born to make as a band. Everything that has ever led up to this very moment.”

For Hermida, this is a personal journey he decided to take to the professional stage. “I was born to create that record. I was born to sound exactly like I sound on that record. I was born to take all the flak. I was born to understand and grow from what happened on this record.”

Sound more like a pep talk he’s been giving himself, but you really can’t blame him. No doubt, the band put their blood, sweat and tears into it, and hoped that the fans would back them up. Apparently, they didn’t. But he’s not giving in. “This record was 100% the culmination of how hiding and making yourself that little fly on the wall, as opposed to standing firm and being who you’re supposed to be, it can kill you inside.”

“It can make you feel like you’re not worth anything. Even if you sell 16,000 records and you end up with No. 13 on the Top 200 Billboard list, you can still feel empty inside, if you’re not following your heart 100%.”

“If people don’t like it then I’ve succeeded even more because I’m learning from my mistakes – even though it is not a mistake. It was meant to be the way it is.”

Even though the dismal numbers for their latest album could have dampened their mood, they’re still taking their tour across the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Russia this year.



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