Suicide Silence Releasing Self-Titled Album In February 2017

2017 is already looking good! ūüėÄ

American deathcore band, Suicide Silence are all set for a new album release as 2017 hits us – come February 2017, expect new material from them. In an interview with Jose of SiriusXM radio this past weekend, they discussed the album. According to them, the album will be self-titled, something they planned to offer fans similar to Metallica’s Black Album to give fans a chance to revel in the name of Suicide Silence.

They also plan to release videos along with the tracks. During their time at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, they managed to rack up material that will be part of their new album promotions, including crashing camper parties, doing security and indulging in all-out metal madness during the fest. The footage is yet to be released, but we hope that it will be soon enough, because we are growing impatient.

Back in September at the Fest, the band had for the first time played their track Doris off the new album live. A fan managed to capture the performance, which we are happy to share with you if you CLICK HERE.

Fans were shocked that the band was introducing “clean vocals” – which is translated to actual singing rather than their usual high/low death growling. For the new album, Suicide Silence is really doing their best to branch out, probably to get in a wider fanbase. According to band members, the new self-titled album is going to be 70% clean vocals. Uh, what?

“There’s clean vocals on 70% of the album. When you listen to¬†System Of A Down, (Serj Tankian is) screaming and talking and doing himself. When you listen to Marilyn Manson, you’re listening to a person. It’s called ‘range’, it’s called ‘dynamics’, it’s called ‘f*cking go for it’. It’s the first time (frontman Eddie Hermida) ever been confident of doing it, but Eddie’s always been a singer. There’s a lot of singing in it, there’s a lot of screaming in it, there’s a lot of everything in it. There’s melody in it.”

“We’re trying to record raw. No click, no samples, everybody jams together in one room. We did the whole record on tape, We used old analog tape and old preamps.”

Suicide Silence released their last album¬†You Can’t Stop Me¬†through Nuclear Blast Records in 2014. Their 2017 self-titled album is being produced by Ross Robinson.

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