Lynrd: American recording artists and actor T.I. is likely to be released from prison in the month of September.On his website, the rapper has promised that he would release a track for his fans after he is set free.


On 10th June, the rapper wrote that he is thankful to all his fans and friends who have expressed their support through cards, pictures, books, in which they have encouraged the singer to be strong. T.I. added that he is soon going to be released and will be back to what he loves to do the most, leaving all the past behind.

On his website, the rapper also expressed that how difficult it was for him to be forced into a place where he cannot do what he likes to. He thanked all for the support messages that he had received during his testing times.

The rapper even mentioned the names of Nelly, B.o.B. and Lil Wayne and had thanked them for their support. The singer has promised that he would be releasing a new song for his fans to show his appreciation for all the support. The rapper concluded with a promise that he would return after he rectifies his imperfections, so that the world comes to known that he has changed.'
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