Taylor Swift announces new album–‘1989’

Promising a different sound, Taylor Swift announces new album–1989.

During a live Yahoo stream online, Taylor Swift announced her new album, 1989, in the form of a talk-show on Monday, August 18, 2014. She also simultaneously premiered the video of her new song, Shake it off, on Vevo, an online music service  Inspired by the sounds of the 80s, Taylor called it her “very first documented, official pop album.”

While most artists opt for announcing or releasing their albums on iTunes or the radio, Taylor took to the online approach aggressively. She answered several questions directly from her fans through Skype, Instagram and Twitter. The 24-year-old’s fifth album, named after the year of her birth, is due to release on October 27, 2014.

Surprising her fans further, the singer revealed that there would be three bonus tracks in the album that are just simple voice memos on her phone. Sharing her intimate moments and process of song-writing, the tracks will have Taylor singing scratches of melodies that have now become full-fledged songs.

The pop star also announced ‘the 1989 Swiftstakes’, where she will be giving away 1,000 tickets and 500 meet-and-greets to fans for her coming tour.

Revealing yet another surprise, Taylor said that each physical copy of her album will come with a packet of 13 photos, varying from copy to copy.


Photo Credits: BBC


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