Taylor Swift Is The Highest Paid Star For 2016 by Forbes Magazine

So Forbes does this annual calculating thing where they check the income of pop stars for the period between June of the previous year to June of the current year. The calculation is based on income that could have been earned in any professional way – album sales, endorsements, tour ticket sales, merchandise, and the other umpteen number of ways that stars can earn these days. Anyway, for the period between June 2015 and June 2016, Taylor Swift has topped Forbes’ List of the Highest Paid Artists! Earlier when Forbes had declared the highest paid woman artist, Swift was already there at the top, so now that they’ve removed the gender bias, well, she’s still on top!

It seems that Taylor Swift made a total of $170 million during the period calculated “thanks to her successful 1989 tour and various product endorsements”. You can say that she was even paid well for her lyrical contribution to ex Calvin Harris’ summer hit with Rihanna, This Is What You Came For, that earned over one billion views on YouTube.

The next artist to come close to Taylor’s massive yearly earnings is now broken boy band, One Direction. They made an estimated $110 million during the same period, but that is still $60 million behind Swift. We wonder what their individual members like Zayn Malik, who split from the boy band early last year, have made with a solo career.

The next one on the list is none other than Adele, with her bestselling album, 25, that sparked hits like Hello, another track that earned over one billion views on YouTube. She is on tour as well, and she’s made a total of $80 billion. Even though the singer-songwriter is way below her successors income-wise, most of her earnings have been because she’s “one of the few acts still making more on recorded music than anything else”. She may not be known to endorse products or be a cultural or social media icon, so Adele’s earnings are based mostly on her career – music.

Madonna came in next with $76.5 million, a number she grossed because of her super successful Rebel Heart tour. In fact, she has been named as the Woman of the Year by Billboard for her iconic contribution to music even after so many decades. And last but not the least is ANTI woman, Rihanna who earned $75 million, but hey, she’s contributed to almost every pop hit of the year, so why not? And as for Beyoncé, yes, why is she not in the top 5, you may ask? Because her successful Formation tour (that rakes in approximately $5 million per city) and album sales fell outside the calculation period, but looking at the way she’s going, expect her name to be at the top next year.

As for the highest paid woman and star of the year, Taylor Swift has had one controversial 2016. After Kanye West made mockery of her through his single, Famous and Kim Kardashian leaked a private conversation between her and West, she was then mired in an ugly breakup (another one in a string of unsuccessful ones) with DJ Calvin Harris and then again with Hollywood actor, Tom Hiddleston. But hey, she still reigns as queen supreme!

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