Lynrd: American Country pop singer, Taylor Swift’s ‘The Story Of Us’ video will be premiered by the singer on 24th May. Along with the premier of the Speak Now video, the singer will also be taking part at the ‘MTVFirst: Taylor Swift’, which will be a live and exclusive interview of the 21-year-old singer.

Taylor Swift

Taylor will be introducing the video on air, while she appears in an exclusive live 30 minute long interview on The interview will also be streamed live on Twitter, using @MTVNews with the hash tag #AskTaylor.

The music video will be broadcasted at 8pm ET on and, including the international sites of MTV. Earlier, Swift had said that the song was inspired by an awkward encounter with an ex.

The country pop singer said that she was once in an awards show and her ex too had landed up in the same function. The two had noticed each other, but pretended as if they did not care the presence of either. Swift said that that two were indulged in a cold war like situation and were pretending as if they did not care of their presence.

The first television performance of ‘The Story Of Us’ was made by Swift on May 11, when she had appeared on ‘The Ellen Degeneres’.'
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