American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift is not just a good performer, but also has a good heart. The 22-year-old singer is currently on her Red tour with Ed Sheeran and she took the time out from her busy schedule to visit a children’s hospital in Philadelphia, but never let anyone know about her visit.


The singer did not mention to anyone about her secret visit, except to her friend Ryan Seacrest, who works with the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia and he Tweeted about it. The children’s hospital in Philadelphia has teamed up with Ryan Seacrest Foundation which provides a special radio station specifically for the hospital. With this radio station, the young patients are able to conduct interviews and play their favorite songs and this helps them to forget about the reality for a while.

Swift has been a regular in terms of charitable visits, which helped her to earn the Nickelodeon Big Help Award in 2012 and she also won the Most Charitable Celebrity by The best part is that the singer never brags about it which also indicates her motives for good deeds are pure and sincere.

The singer has never done these things in order to grab public attention. Moreover, even before she hit the road, the singer visited the Omaha Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Photo Credits: Just Jare'
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