Taylor Swift will testify in court this week against man who allegedly groped her

Where is Taylor Swift?

She hasn’t been on any red carpet this year, the only music she released was her duet with Zayn for Fifty Shades Darker called I Don’t Wanna Live Forever. And there were barely any reports that she is dating a British actor. Well, we’ve finally got news for you, but it isn’t so great.

According to reports Taylor Swift will be heading to court this week. That’s right. She’s set to take the stand and testify against a man she accuses of groping her. Allegedly, the accused, a radio jockey from Colorado, touched her inappropriately on her backside one night backstage. The man, David Mueller crossed his limits and groped Swift at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado back in 2013.

Taylor Swift and her team didn’t call authorities or contact the police that were on stand-by. Instead, she called up his boss, the head of the country radio station called KYGO, and spoke to him about the unwanted incident. David Mueller was questioned by the station and promptly fired two days after Swift’s complaint.

Mueller completely denied the charges, stating that he never touched her inappropriately. In fact, he has filed a lawsuit against her for $3 million in damages, saying that she has ruined his career and made him lose his job. Taylor Swift has counter-sued Mueller for $1 to hold him responsible for his actions.

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