American country pop singer and actress Taylor Swift won the 2012 ACM Entertainer of the year award on April 1, 2012 the ACM Award event. For Swift it is a big deal as it is the biggest award of the of the night and was also voted by the fans.

So the recent award has added to the list of the various awards the singer has earned in the past. Swift was the youngest among the nominees and stood out among some of the veteran and biggest names in the music industry.

Swift at the award function was seen dressed in a white column like dress. The singer looks happy and but surprised when her name was called out. The expression on her face was not new as she is always surprised when her name is being called out in any award function.

In her thanksgiving speech, Taylor thanked her fans and also shouted out all the names of her fellow nominees and expressed her respect and love for them. The singer also spoke about her intended date Kevin McGuire, the teen suffering from cancer from New Jersey and was also supposed to accompany her in Las Vegas for the ACM award ceremony. Unfortunately, Kevin could not make it as he had to be hospitalized due to fever.'
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