Lynrd: The biggest music festival for Korean music called the Korean Music Festival will have its 9th edition at the Hollywood Bowl center in Los Angeles, USA in the month of April. The 3rd set of line of up artist has been annunced to peform at the event and here are the name given below.


Artist schedule to perform at 9th Korean Music Festival 2011


Jay Park


Jeong Soo-Ra

Baek Ji-Young




There are some more artist apart from these who will perform at the event, the Korean Music Festival is a big crowd favourite and the event takes place annually and is always sold out.

Korea Times is the biggest sponsor for the Korean Music Festival every year since the beginning of the festival way back in the year 2003. The festival is a big success and the lineup of artist increases every year.

Check out some Korean Music Festival pictures at previous festivals below.

korea music festival pic

Korean Music Festival 2011

Korean Music Festival photos'
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