Los Angeles-based rock band The Airborne Toxic Event has released a new single called Timeless, based on a series of sad events that took place in singer Mikel Jollet’s life. The new single deals with how the singer coped with the death of his grandmother and other family members in one horrific year. The album on which Timeless is being released is called ‘Such Hot Blood’.

‘Such Hot Blood’ is set to be released in the spring of 2013 on Island records and features the new track, as the band looks forward to touring from this month onwards. The band will be playing at Webster Hall in New York on January 16, 2013 and will continue to play dates throughout the US, including cities such as Los Angeles (January 23, 2013) and San Diego (March 30, 2013). This will be followed up by a packed schedule in April 2013, including dates from Teme, Arizona (April 1, 2013) through to San Francisco (April 11, 2013).

Mikel said that Timeless went through many drafts before the right mood was captured for the song – the power of love overcoming fear and death. He was the first to find his grandmother after she had passed away in her room and the new single describes the overwhelming feeling one goes through in such situations.

Timeless can be heard here.

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