With a swiftly rising single on the Billboard Country Songs chart, The Band Perry are looking ahead at a bright 2013. The country music stars have ‘Better Dig Two’ positioned at number 4 on the charts and announced on January 10, 2013 that they will be releasing an album on April 2, 2013.

The country music act will be playing a series of shows based on the Midwestern theme, the first of which took place at Green Bay, WI. on January 10, 2013. A new catalog of songs and a concept production are set to see the light of day in these trio of shows.

Neilsen SoundScan have stated that the band had sold 1.44 million records in the United States in the shape of their self-titled debut album in the year 2010. This album reached a high of No. 2 on the Country Albums chart as well.

The Band Perry have tasted country success in the past with as many as 5 top 10 singles making the Hot Country Songs list till date. Some of these chart toppers include ‘If I Die Young’ and ‘All Your Life’. ‘If I Die Young’ also managed to reach the 14th sport in the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with over 4.4 million downloads the world over.

Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry will be a trio of happy siblings with new music and touring coming up in 2013.

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