American singer and songwriter The Dream has many records to his credit. Even as a songwriter, he has worked with various artists from Beyonce to Madonna. On the other hand, some of his popular tracks like ‘Shawty Is the Sh—’ and ‘Falesetto’ have made the singer one of the best R&B premier talents around.


The next single by the singer is allegedly so good that he made it as the title of his album ‘Love IV to IV Play’. In an interview, the singer said, “It’s that good of a song it made me change it. It was really that good”.

The ‘Dope Chick’ star added, that this could be his best song ever as an artist. The songwriter did not divulge too many details, but said that the new track just needs to be heard. However after a lot of insisting, The Dream revealed a few lyrics from the hook. The singer said, “I don’t give a f— about the foreplay. I want it right now”. The Dream went on to say, “It’s about foreplay. I can’t even give it to you. I can’t even say it. It wouldn’t be justice if I told you; you got to hear it”.

The ‘My Love’ artist has also promised that there will not be any compromise on IV Play.'
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