The famous American rock band The Killers are celebrating their first ten, very successful years together, as it has been announced that the ‘For Reasons Unknown’ musicians are scheduled to release the upcoming ‘Direct Hits’ album on November 11, 2013. In their first decade, the band managed to reach enormous popularity all over the world, sell over 20 million records and win a number of awards. In addition to that, The Killers have been ranked in the Top 3 of biggest-selling artists of the past decade on Amazon.

The Killers to release Direct Hits on November 11, 2013

The ‘Somebody Told Me’ musicians are set to release a collection of singles from their four highly-successful albums, plus two completely new songs: ‘Shot At The Night’ – which will be released as a single on November 4, 2013 – and ‘Just Another Girl’.

The band’s latest album will have three editions: the regular, the deluxe and the super deluxe edition. The deluxe edition of ‘Direct Hits’ will feature the original demo of their breakthrough hit, ‘Mr Brightside’, a remix by Calvin Harris of ‘When You Were Young’ and Battle Born’s ‘Be Still’. The super deluxe edition will have the deluxe CD, as well as a never-before-seen documentary.

Here is the official track listing for ‘Direct Hits’:

1. Mr Brightside
2. Somebody Told Me
3. Smile Like You Mean It
4. All These Things That I’ve Done
5. When You Were Young
6. Read My Mind
7. For Reasons Unknown
8. Human
9. Spaceman
10. A Dustland Fairytale
11. Runaways
12. Miss Atomic Bomb
13. The Way It Was
14. Shot At The Night
15. Just Another Girl
Deluxe Version Also Includes…
16. Mr. Brightside (Original Demo)
17. When You Were Young (Calvin Harris Remix)
18. Be Still

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