British boy band ‘The Wanted’ has announced that they have selected their next single which will be from their new upcoming third album. With the singles ‘Glad You Came’ and then ‘Chasing the Sun’, the boy band has established themselves as one of the biggest band of the year 2012.

The title of the next and much awaited single is ‘I Found You’. reports have said that the boys are moving to full speed ahead and have already shot the video for the upcoming single. The band has hired Chris Marrs Piliero, who has earleir worked with Britney Spears for her controversial video ‘Criminal’ and also Kesha’s ‘Blow’.

The fans of the band are now waiting to see the video of ‘I Found You’ which are expected to have plenty of shots of the faces of Max George, Mc Guiness and co. This year the boys have had quite a busy summer as they carried the Olympic torch, swimming with sharks and also performed on Good Morning America.

By now it seems like the boys have take up most of America but it is not that any of the young ladies are complaining about it. Its time the fans of the boys have some patience for the single to be released.'
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