British boy band The Wanted are currently working on a new full length album for the US fans. Now the UK boy band has been revealed that they are collaborating with the LMFAO on the project.

Reports say that the band is already working with Redfoo and SkyBlu but it cannot be said if the songs will be added to the final tracklist. Nathan Sykes said, “Real, real, cool guys, and their production on tracks is just insane. They’ve just been off to Brazil and they came back with all these new fresh sounds; it was cool working with them. I’m not sure if the sounds are a bit too wild to go on this album, but it was a great experience.”

However, the fans of the Wanted might have to wait for a full length to be released. Max George said, “We’ve been working on it for, like, the last six months, but it’s still not ready yet”. George added that they are still working on that and they have got a lot f travelling to do due to which he is not actually sure when the album will be out for the fans.

But one thing is sure that the album will not be out this fall.'
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