Tove Lo Announces 2017 North America & Europe Winter Tour

The 2017 ‘Lady Woods Tour’ is Set to Warm Up The Chilly Winters of USA, UK & Europe

The Swedish pop songbird Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, commonly known as Tove Lo has announced a North American tour schedule for December to early next year dubbed Lady Wood Tour. Tove the lead single ‘Cool Girl and Stay High’ hit-maker who has just dropped her Lady Wood album on Friday 28th of October will spend the early months of Next year in North America and much of the rest of the year in Europe to promote the new album and keep her dominance in pop.

Listen to Cool Girl by Tove Lo right here-

Announcing the tour through her tour announcement post, Tove Lo expressed her excitement saying she can’t wait for the next year to come soon enough. She unveiled Phoebe Ryan as a special guest for the North America Lady Wood Tour which is a promising fire against the cold February.

The controversial singer and songwriter is performing on February 19 at Boston House of Blues with tickets now on sale. Before then, Tove Lo performs lives on 11th December at the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball, Ted Garden performing with many other musicians including Shawn Medes, Ariana Grade, Diplo, Alessia Cara and Ellie Goulding.

The Lady Woods albums Tove Lo released follows her January 2015 vocal surgery reflected in some nimble vocal shows in the record. Tove who has been a talk about her drug use, sexuality and her controversial lyrics on social issues said she put forward the Lady Wood album as a push to chase her physical and emotional uncomfortable places for her excitement and comfort. The album is a follow-up to her ‘Queen Of The Clouds.’ In the Lady Woods collection that includes the ‘Lady Wood’ as the cover song and the ‘WTF Love Is’ as album closing track, Tove Lo features several collaborations including Joe Janiak and Wiz Khalifa.


“I feel like emotion is seen as a bad thing, where it should be the opposite. We just live like this, making ourselves smaller, to not bother each other. You’re not supposed to be too loud, and [there are] all these rules about how your emotional state should be, and it’s just – it doesn’t really make sense. That’s why we’re all bottled up to here with shit.”- Tove Lo on the lyrics & inspirations for her new album ‘Lady Woods’

March 2017 will see Tove Lo performing in her Lady Woods Tour in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands but before then the new album is on the market shelves both physically and online.

Here’s are the tour dates for Tove Lo’s 2017 North America Tour with Phoebe Ryan, you can book your tickets here!


Tove Lo’s upcoming Europe and UK tour dates are below – tickets are currently on sale. Book yours before they’re sold out!


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