The track list of the upcoming album of the American singer and song writer Madonna, has been leaked. Though the person responsible for leaking one of the songs has been arrested, it hasn’t stopped the fans of the singer to get more information on the new album.

One of the unofficial looking blogs had leaked the track list of the album that is yet to be released. But later all the posts were deleted and the listing of the tracks too look amateurish.

Even the Live Nation and Interscope logos looks like morphed and not like the original ones. The surprising par was that the posts claimed that the new album will be called as ‘Luv’. One thing has been made sure that the upcoming album of the singer will be prone to more such leaks. Even in the future, if some of the songs are leaked then it will not be of any surprise. Here is the prospective track list of the album due in 2012.

1. ‘Trust’
2. ‘Dangerous Faith’
3. ‘Sitting on the Whole World’
4. ‘Turn Up the Radio’
5. ‘Waving with the Crowd’
6. ‘Suspended to the Light’
7. ‘Gimme All Your Luvin”
8. ‘Crossed Fingers’
9. ‘Birthday Song’
10. ‘Reason & Passion’
11. ‘Masterpiece’
12. ‘Solar Salvation’
13. ‘The Darkness Void’
14. ‘Revelation’'
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