American singer and song writer Usher on May 18 started off the ‘Today’ show Summer 2012 Toyota Concert series New York City. The singer performed a historical hit ‘OMG’ and his latest ‘Climax’.

Usher apart from the rocking music also rocked in terms of his looks and was seen in a green jacket, shades and a bling rope chain, while he displayed his amazing dance moves when he performed on ‘OMG’. There could not be a better song to kick off the Summer Tour.

But Usher is known to differ and begins with a fast song and then slows down the tempo. The balance was welcome by the crazy fans and helped the star to display both the sides of the singer.

But before the singer performed on ‘Climax’, Usher spoke to his fans about his revolution as an artist. His accolades, Grammy achievements, sales and awards were mentioned he also spoke about how important it is to be a father and to raise the kids in to incredible young men, and also gave them a shout out as they watched from home. It is good to see Usher in the father mode while on National TV.'
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