Lynrd: American based cable television network, VH1 has recently announced that they will be rolling in the popular entertaining series, ‘Pop-Up Video’. The move was made by the channel in terms of increasing the viewership of the channel.


Pop-Up Video is a 30 minute long show that features music videos of the hottest singers and their recent ventures. The unique part of the show is that the show also features the unique pop ups that appear in between the video.

The pop ups give the viewers some useful facts for the viewers as well as some of the details of the video. The show will be returning to the channel with 60 brand new episodes.

The text bubbles that appear in between are not only informative but also hilarious at times. The show will be featuring various videos from different genres like hip hop and rap. Moreover, the show will also be including the commentaries from the viewers in to the thought bubbles, which will also include updated polls. With the announcement of the show, there are high hopes with some videos of Beyonce and Lady GaGa. VH1 network is based in New York City, which was launched in the year 1985 on the 1st of January.'
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