Lynrd: Austria’s Vienna Philharmonic orchestra and Vienna’s State Opera have announced that they will be performing at a concert that will benefit the victims of the recent earthquake in Japan. The opera company had announced that all the proceeds from the concert, held on May 18, will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.


One of the world’s best orchestras, the ensemble will also be performing at the opera house on the 100th anniversary of Gustav Mahler’s death. Conductor Daniele Gatti in a statement, said that he would also be donating his performance fee for the victims.

The Vienna Harmonic is considered to be one of the finest orchestras in the world and its concerts have always received appreciation from the music lovers. The concert will be exclusively for the benefit of the victims who had lost their lives in the deadly earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Japan right now is also dealing with a nuclear crisis. Questions have also risen upon the safety for human existence in the country due to the exposed radiations. The recent crisis at the nuclear plants has also spread the radiations in the other parts of the world like the UK, where minor percentage of radiations have been found in the air.

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