Lynrd: Popular American singer, songwriter and satirist Weird Al Yankovic has recently released a video ‘Perform This Way’, which is like a tribute to the weird fashion of Lady Gaga. The video is a Gaga parody which has shown Weird Al Yankovic performing the way Gaga does.


The video starts with Weird Al Yankovic coming out of a purple egg and then dances around in outfits that would have been chosen by Gaga. Seems like Yankovic has hand picked the outfits for the video, which includes in a nun habit, a bubble dress, a bee dress, a police tape frock, a Trojan horse head and a honey barrel hat.

All the outfits that have been worn by Weird Al Yankovic, seem like they have been inspired by Gaga. In fact the ‘Judas’ singer might even get a few ideas from the video to come out with a similar outfit, like the bee or the bubble dress.

The singer then takes up a variety of characters, while his face has been digitally imposed in to a woman’s body resembling like Gaga, with all the tattoos that have been sported by Gaga. The video also imitates the dance moves of the ‘Born This Way’ video. Even Gaga would take the humor in the video in a good way.

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