Video streaming giant YouTube on November 3, 2013 hosted its first YouTube Music Awards show at Pier 36 in Manhattan. The show was streamed live on and was something that has not been seen before.

YouTube hosts its first Music Awards show

The inaugural YouTube Music Awards show was hosted by the comedian-musicians duo, Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts. YouTube’s first-ever music awards show ran not more than an hour and a half and experienced several problems throughout.

The ceremony featured performances by Lady Gaga and Eminem and it seemed like there was a need for such established names for the show to become a bit more popular. However, these stars have their own convenience as they have new albums to promote, due to which they do not mind being associated and performing at as many award shows as possible.

Canadian rockers Arcade Fire were also part of the event and performed their single ‘Afterlife’ with different visuals. The first-ever YouTube awards celebrated music portrayed in a visual medium and it was essential for such performances to have a punch and they indeed did not disappoint in the end. One thing many users faced was that the award show could not be streamed on the smart TV, even though many had a YouTube App.

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