Zayn’s Pillowtalk Reaches No. 1 On Billboard Charts

In a huge achievement by a former member of a boy band, Zayn Malik has debuted at No.1 on the Billboard charts for his first solo release, Pillowtalk.

Released on Jan 29 of this year, the sultry single came out with a video that features Zayn’s rumored girlfriend and Victoria’s Secret model, Gigi Hadid. With a psychedelic show that featured flowers blooming out of lady private parts and some make-out action between the singer and the supermodel, the video got an overwhelming 37 million views on YouTube in its first week.

Zayn, founding member of the now dismembered One Direction, left the band last year, stating that he never wanted to be in the band in the first place and had a distaste for the music being created. Now exactly one year later, his first solo album, Mind Of Mine, will be releasing on March 25, 2016.

Even diehard fans of the boy band, who were at first disheartened by his departure and “betrayal”, responded positively to the single, admitting that he probably made the right decision to pursue his artistic ventures.

Not only is Pillowtalk his first debut single, it has also other accomplishments that would be hard to beat by the 22-year-old Bradford, England boy. To find out more about the records being broken by Pillowtalk, visit

It seems that Pillowtalk was downloaded over 200,000 times in the first week alone, while being streamed 22.3 million times. What an accomplishment!

In the meantime, One Direction, who openly dissed Zayn after he left the boy band, released their single History, which was a tribute to their legacy after they decided to disband late last year, did not manage to win hearts among fans, earning 10 million less views than Zayn’s single.

Many are comparing the young lad to Justin Timberlake, another star who made a more prominent debut and successful career, after leaving N’Sync.

Watch the video to Pillowtalk here:

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